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Social Mobilization Contributing to the Rapid and Sustained Scale-up of Malaria Control Interventions for Impact in Nigeria

Start time 2015-06-06 09:00
Finished Time 2016-07-31

Locations: Ifelodun LGA, Kwara State


Working with other stakeholders within the communities, we carried out the following amongst other activities:

  1. Developed Work Plans for carrying out one or any of the activities as may be assigned by ACOMIN.
  2. Participated in carrying out advocacy to policy makers, opinion leaders, religious/traditional rulers, and other relevant stakeholders to garner support and involvement in the health care of their communities as well as support the smooth delivery of services.
  3. Selected, supervised and reported on the Interpersonal Communication Conductors, within communities in the assigned LGAs.
  4. Ensured the effectiveness of inter-personal communication in disseminating that malaria control information to communities by the trained IPCCs who are using the prepared IPC Charts.
  5. Selected Communities to work in within the assigned LGAs and Wards.
  6. Worked in collaboration with ACOMIN state executives for coordination with a view to increasing access to prevention and treatment of malaria.
  7. Maintained proper Programmatic, Financial and M & E records of all activities carried out within the project using the provided M & E tools and reporting through the ACOMIN/PR designated channels (IA – ACOMIN State Coordinator- Zonal and National Office).
  8. Liaised with other GF Service Providers within their communities for the purposes of coordination, service delivery, Monitoring and Evaluation, mobilizations and all other activities geared towards the actualization of the objectives of the Global Funds NFM


  1. Communities became aware about myth and realities of malaria and malaria infestation, prevention and control.
  2. Traditional and religious leaders used their platforms to promote healthy communities and populace by leading the campaign on the usage Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs).
  3. Value for money as communities and health worker staff now make full usage of the various provisions available at the health centres.
  4. Conflict resolution strategy being developed by relevant stakeholders in communities of intervention by monitoring and mentoring activities provided by our staffers.
  5. Community members embraced the usage of ITNs as there was increased number of nets accessed and hanged up in homes.
  6. Informed citizens equipped with the right knowledge on the causes, prevention and management of Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS